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General Protection

ConiRex CPL-H

ConiRex CPL-H Conical plugs/caps Ø4.7-Ø302

ConiRex CPL

Conical plugs/caps Ø2.5-Ø164

ConiRex CPM

Plugs for Metric Sizes [DIN13]

ConiRex CF

Conical plugs/caps with wide flange


FlexiRex FRC

Dipmould flexible Caps Ø2-Ø120mm (4.1/2″)

ConiRex CB


Plug-it DKO

DKO plugs for DIN 3865 couplings or metrical threaded applications


BanRex BAN

Banjo Union Caps


FastRex F

Quick couplings Plugs in rubber

FastRex S

Quick coupling threaded Plugs


Hexagon shaped Caps for Hydraulic couplings


Corner & Edge Protection part (packaging)

NetFlex NET

Buisnet Netkous

Plug-it SP

Service Plugs

FlexiRex BL

Below / Gaiters through Dipmoulding & Injectionmoulding


ProRex PP

PP Pipe Plug / Pipe Protectors with ribs ‘Push-in’

Custom Made

Special Custom Made Parts


SAE Flange protector 4-hole [stud hole] & round design 3000/6000psi

AsRex DS

Full driveshaft protection